Meet Carlisle

Carlisle came to us in 2020 from the worst situation we have ever had to deal with.

Meet Grayson

Meet Grayson!

We are so excited to introduce you to our very special resident, Grayson.

Meet Merlin

Meet…Merlin Merlin may be top pig* at the Sanctuary, for now, but life wasn’t always that way for him. Before coming to live with us at Carroll’s, Merlin was living a sad and scary life at a terrible petting zoo. While there, he was forced to interact with people and do tricks. He was left […]

Understanding Pigisms

Pigs are one of the most misunderstood animals in the world. Somehow, through no fault of their own, they have earned the reputation for being dirty, smelly and constant eaters of anything within reach of their snout. All of this is simply not true.

Meet Cedric

But hold on to your heart because he’s been known to steal them from everyone he meets!

Meet Siggy and Helga!

Meet Siggy and Helga These two beautiful Jacob sheep have been through a lot in their lives before they came to live at the Sanctuary in 2021. Siggy and Helga were part of a huge neglect situation that ended up in the courts but, luckily for them, they were both eventually rescued through the Montreal […]

Meet Minerva!

  Meet our resident Chatty Cathy – Minerva! Our sweet, bubbly and always-ready-to-tell-you-a-story, Minerva, was surrendered to us by a farm when she was only 6 months old. When she was just a baby, Minerva was stepped on and the resulting injury left her without the use of her back legs. As an injured pig, […]

Meet Sabrina

Often, we have a few days’ notice and can plan for a rescue to arrive at the sanctuary, and sometimes, like in the case of Sabrina, the need is immediate and urgent.

Meet Wilbur

Wilbur was the first pig to call Carroll’s Animal Sanctuary and Rescue home.