Meet Edna!

There’s something about our senior pigs that just pulls on every heartstring we have. And Edna is a
master at pulling those strings! But unlike a lot of senior animals who are starting to slow down, she’s
full of energy and as happy as can be.

Edna came to live with us in 2019 at the age of 9. She arrived, with her brother and best friend, Erv,
from a situation of neglect. Her hooves were overgrown and she was very overweight. Today, Edna is
the picture of health and a full 13 years old!

Always one to keep up with the herd, Edna loves to run and play but also enjoys her quiet time walking through the pasture munching on grass, or just relaxing in the sun. And when there are visitors at the sanctuary, Edna always makes sure that she gets her fair share of belly rubs, which is never a problem! We have yet to find anyone who can resist our sweet Edna.