Meet Rudolph!

It just wouldn’t be the holiday season if we didn’t give a special shout out to Santa’s favourite pig…Rudolph! He may not have a shiny red nose, but our Rudolph has a bright pink smudge on his snout and we think that’s even cuter!

Rudolph, and his brother Timothy, had a very hard start in life being used as breeding pigs. They were under socialized and never experienced love or kindness. Like much of their kind, they were a “what”, not a “who”. That all changed in 2018 when they came to live with us at the sanctuary. They were surrendered to us, along with Daisy, when she was deemed “no longer useful”. In fact, when it was decided that Daisy had to go, they wanted to get rid of all their pigs, including Rudolph and Timothy.

Having never had a good experience with humans, Rudolph took a long time to get used to us and learn to love the people who were so clearly in love with him. Today, Rudolph with his nose so bright, has become quite the people pig! When he’s not conning us or our volunteers for more than his fair share of belly rubs and veggie treats, Rudolph can usually be found snuggled up to his brother, and best friend, Timothy.