Welcome to

Carroll’s Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a forever home to animals who are senior, have special needs, or are hard to adopt as they are the ones who struggle to find a safe place to go when they are no longer wanted. We provide them with unconditional love, quality food, all the vet care they need and any rehabilitation they require. Many of the animals come to us with fear of humans, anxiety, physical disabilities, or signs of neglect. Our job is to help them trust and learn to love again, while supporting their recovery from or adjustment to any physical issues they have.

Our Motto

Live Love Safe


All animals deserve to live a species-appropriate life.


All animals deserve to experience unconditional love.


All animals deserve to feel and be safe.

How you can help


Whether it’s a one-time or regular monthly financial contribution, an item from our Amazon Wish List, or your used towels and blankets, we appreciate any and all support you can provide.

Sponsor an animal

Through our unique sponsorship program, you commit to a monthly donation of $20 that helps to cover the daily costs of the animals living here. As a thank you, we provide a monthly update on your sponsored animal, complete with pictures. You can also come and visit your sponsored animal.


We can always use help on the farm! Sign up to be a weekly or monthly volunteer, or to assist with other special projects like vet visit transportation or fundraising initiatives.

Support our fundraisers

With the help of volunteers, we are able to run fundraisers throughout the year, including bottle drives, our Private Tours, and $5 Fridays through our Instagram and Facebook accounts.