The Donor Program

Sponsor an animal

Becoming a monthly sponsor helps cover the daily costs of the animals. 100% of the donation goes directly to the residents for items such as food, bedding and vet care. 

Sponsorship is $20/month and in return we send you monthly updates on that animals care.

Monthly sponsors can be set up via Paypal for automatic monthly payments, or can be paid monthly or a few months at a time via E transfer.

To sign up click on the button below and send us a quick email and we will get you all signed up!

Become a Monthly Donor

Monthly Donors make monthly donations to the sanctuary. Donations can be any amount and 100% of the donations go directly back to the animals.

Monthly Donors donations help us plan for future projects, cover routine and unexpected vet bills and cover the cost of food for the animals.

To sign up to become a monthly donor please send us a quick email by clicking on the button below.

You can make your donations via Paypal for monthly automatic payments or via e transfer.

Become a Patreon Member

Patreon is a platform to raise money for nonprofit organizations. By joining one of our 3 categories as a monthly donor youre helping us be able to plan for future projects, cover unexpected and routine vet care and feed for the animals. 100% of our donations goes directly to the animals care, and you will have access to fun and exciting updates via the Patreon platform.

For more info or to sign up click on the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can visit the sanctuary.

We have set visiting days and hours to ensure that the animals are living a stress-free and wonderful life. Please send us a message and we can set up a time for you to visit. 

Please note: we do not force the animals to interact with humans or let humans into their private pens in the barn. So we can not guarantee a certain animal will be willing to visit when you come to see them.


We are a registered Nonprofit with the government. However in Ontario only registered Charities can give tax recipets for donations.

We are a family run Nonproft, so all of our donations go directly to the care of the animals. No one is paid to work here, and our family donates the land and time to the animals. 

Your donation goes towards covering the daily costs of the animals such as food, bedding and vet care!

Yes! Any animal can have more then one sponsor at a time and/or you can sponsor more then one animal.

Many of the animals that live here do have more then one sponsor, as the animals daily care often costs more then $20/month. For example it costs almost $100 per month to feed and give proper care to just ONE of the big pigs! 


You can visit your sponsored animal during our visiting season and times. Please contact us to set up a time to visit your sponsored animal. 

Please note: we do not force the animals to interact with humans or let visitors into their private pens in the barn, so we can not garauntee that your sponsored animal will want to come and see you! 

Of course! Just send us an email with all of the details of who the gift will go to and we will make sure they get a thank you card (for donations) and monthly updates (for sponsorship). 

If youre sponsoring as a gift you AND the giftee will receive the monthly updates on your sponsored animal.

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