How much does it cost to run a sanctuary?

We’re glad you asked! There are a lot of costs involved in running a sanctuary and many of them depend on how big the sanctuary is, how many residents live there, and what are the ages/health conditions/special care requirements of those residents. There are a lot of variables, and the situation can change in a heartbeat, so we always need to be prepared!

Your donations, hard at work

We are proud to let all our supporters know that we give every sent donated to our animals. Since you are trusting us with your hard-earned money, we feel it is important to be transparent as to how it is being used. At Carroll’s, we have no paid staff, no rent or property tax, no electric bills, etc., because we donate all of it to the residents and their care.

In 2023, we raised a total of $107,197.64 to care for our animals. Here’s what we did with your very generous donations.

Let’s break it down

We usually have around 100 residents, and a lot of the animals that come to live here are seniors. Many have health or mobility concerns, too. This can mean higher than average vet costs compared to other sanctuaries with younger, healthier residents. Last year alone, we spent over $45,000 on vet care for our animals.

Each year our annual operating expenses are around $110,000. Of this, 72% of the expenses come from vet care, feed/hay and building maintenance, and repair costs.

But wait…there’s more!

Of course, there are other costs associated with running a sanctuary that allow us to keep the lights on, fundraise, and spread our message around the world. Along with things like event costs, office supplies and website expenses, these include insurance, auto expenses, equipment rentals for our hay storage and the cost of a tractor loan.

Running a sanctuary can cost a lot of money, with lots of surprises along the way, so we must be very careful with how we spend every dollar we are given. And we are so thankful for all your support. When we offer an animal a home at Carroll’s, we make a promise to them for the rest of their life. Your generous donations allow us to keep that promise.