Volunteer Spotlight! Meet…Courtney

We are so lucky to have Courtney as a regular volunteer. She has been volunteering at Carroll’s since October 2023 and comes out 2-3 times a week. This is the first sanctuary that Courtney has volunteered at, and she loves every minute she gets to spend with the animals as they enjoy their best life, full of love.

Courtney works at a vet clinic and wanted to spend even more time with animals so she looked for a local sanctuary where she could volunteer her time. “I picked Carroll’s to volunteer at because I’ve always admired their organization of both small and large animals and aspire to have my own rescue just like theirs in the future. I’ve followed them on social media for a while now and love how all the animals are so happy, healthy, and content.” 

Her favourite activity when volunteering is…well, doing everything! Courtney loves getting the full farm/volunteering experience and helping out, but her most favourite thing to do is just spending time with all the animals and learning their individual personalities and, most importantly, learning each of their preferred snack!

While she is not quick to choose favourites, Courtney does have a special place in her heart for Penny and Giles, and all the goats at the sanctuary. Of course, like all our volunteers, Courtney finds it heartwarming when the animals run up to greet her and follow her around hoping for (and always getting) extra snuggles. There’s so much to love about volunteering at Carroll’s but watching Cedric get the zoomies and of course Elliot standing up at the table with his big smile to get extra treats always puts a smile on her face.

We are so lucky to have such a dedicated volunteer like Courtney with us! Thank you, Courtney!