Q & A

Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

How do you fund the sanctuary?

Our sanctuary is 100% self funded. We do NOT receive any government or private funding. All expenses are paid, including vet and food costs out of pocked. We have recently started a sponsorship program, where our supporters can sponsor animals for $20 a month. This and other donations help us cover some of the daily costs of running a sanctuary.

Do you receive grants or funding?

We DO NOT receive any grants or funding to fund the sanctuary. All expenses come out of pocket.

Do you take on private surrenders?

We take on private surrenders ONLY if they are extreme cases, such as a special needs or senior animal. If you’re looking to surrender your animal and your animal is 15+ for cats or 1-2 years remaining in life for a dog please contact us.

Help I found a stay animal now what?

If you have found a stay cat or kitten please contact us at jennifer@carrollorganics.com

If you have found a wild animal please reach out to your local animal control, as we do not have the ability to assist wildlife at this time.

If you have found a dog please reach out to your local humane society, as we do not have the ability to take on stray dogs at this time.

Where do our animals come from?

Our animals come from many different places. Some are private surrenders, some have come from humane societies and other shelters we work with and others have come from the network of sanctuaries.

All of our animals have had a difficult past and start a new life with us.

Can I adopt an animal from you?

Yes! Some of our animals are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more info on which animals are available right now. Our adoption process is 3 parts, (1) an application and reference check, (2) a meet and greet and (3) an adoption contract. Our adoption fee is $150 for a single animal or $250 for a pair.

Can I visit the Sanctuary?

Yes! We love visitors. Our Sanctuary is not always open to the public. We DO NOT allow drop in tours. If you would like to see the animals Please check out our events page for our upcoming tour dates or contact us at jennifer@carrollorganics.com to schedule a tour.