Farm Sanctuary

Our sanctuary was founded in 2017, And focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and care for animals who are unwanted, unloved and unadoptable.

We run a permanent residency and adoption program which allows us to help both those who struggle to find a loving home and connect animals who can be adopted with forever homes.

We typically adopt the worst cases that otherwise would have no where else to go. We rescue senior, special needs and species that have a difficult time finding homes. Every single animal in our care has their own rescue story and is loved for who they are.

We decided to start a farm sanctuary because we love animals. We love them so much that we want them to have a wonderful loving home where they can live out their lives. We know that we can not save all of the animals, but for the animals in our care, their rescue means the world to them. We receive no funding for our sanctuary, and all of the money needed for care for our animal comes out of pocket.

Our animals get to spend the day doing what they love. Our pigs wallow in the mud and root around, the chickens and ducks get the peck in the grass and our dogs and cats get to be dogs and cats. And all of the animals that come to Carroll Organics get to live without the fear of being killed for meat.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a lifelong home for hard to adopt domestic and farmed animals due to temperament, age, ability and kind; creating a safer place for senior and special needs animals. And to find loving forever homes for those animals who are able to be adopted.

Carroll Organics Farm and Sanctuary extends and finds a safe place for animals to live out their lives with love, dignity and respect. Leading by example, we demonstrate compassion and love to create an environment that recognizes the individual trait of each animal.



Carroll Organics Farm and Sanctuary strives to provide rehabilitation, safety and quality vet care for every animal that comes to our sanctuary.


Core Values

LIVE – All animals deserve to live their species appropriate life

LOVE – All animals deserve to experience unconditional love

SAFE – all animals deserve to feel and be safe


If you would like more information about what we do, or how to surrender an animal please contact us at