Meet Fern!

Our sweet, shy goat, Fern, came to us when she was just a few months old. At the time, she had just broken her leg and the family she was living with did not want to provide her with the vet care she needed. Thankfully, we were contacted the day after the break so we were able to provide her with the immediate care she needed in order for her leg to fully heal.

Our vet repaired the break in Fern’s leg and put it into a cast where it could heal without risk of further injury.  For six weeks following her surgery, Fern was on stall rest at the sanctuary where she received lots of love and more than her fair share of treats.

Fern is now 100% recovered and absolutely loving everything life has to offer from playing with her brothers, Bunson and Beaker, to firmly planting herself in our hearts, and the hearts of all our volunteers, so she can con us into giving her the extra treats she absolutely loves!