Cat Rescue Update!

Up here in Canada…and in many countries, there are actually five seasons. There’s winter…spring…summer…fall…and, kitten. Kitten season usually falls between the months of April and October, and it refers to the time of year when female cats tend to give birth to their litters. Although kittens can be, and are, born year ‘round, there is a noticeable increase in births when the days get longer, the weather gets warmer and there is increased access to food for stray and feral cats.

Last year we rescued 350 cats and kittens, and we expect that this year will be similar. Because the cats that come to us are often in poor health, injured, or both, they require extensive and ongoing veterinary care. In 2022 we spent $63,000 caring for these cats and getting them healthy and ready to be adopted.

Thank you! 63,000 times…thank you!

Thanks to amazing donors like you, we were able to raise the entire $63,000 and provide all our rescue cats with the very best veterinary care for whatever challenges they had, as well as spay and neutering for each animal before they were offered for adoption.

It’s our first ever Baby Shower and you’re invited

We have some exciting fundraising events planned for this year to ensure that our rescue cats and kittens continue to receive the healthcare they deserve. Check out our Facebook page and our website for updates on our “Save a Kitten” campaign and for your invitation to our 2023 Baby Shower. It’s going to be the event of the season!

Just one of 350 stories

Every cat and kitten who comes to us comes with their own individual story and they all touch our heart in a different way. One of our rescue cats, Gramms, came to us barely clinging to life after being found in a garbage can. She was anemic, emaciated and dying. Your kind and generous donations allowed us to provide Gramms with the care and treatment she needed during the six months she was with us. And, we are thrilled to let you know that Gramms regained her health and was adopted into a home where she will only know kindness and love for the rest of her days.