Meet Carlisle

Carlisle came to us in 2020 from the worst situation we have ever had to deal with. The horrific conditions we found him in made it an easy decision to offer Carlisle, along with four of his goat friends and three of his pig friends, a safe and loving home with us at Carroll’s.

It broke our hearts to see Carlisle in such a terrible environment and he was in incredibly sad shape when he arrived. Along with being drastically overweight, he was constipated, very sick and had severe frostbite on his ears. Probably worst of all, his extreme weight situation made Carlisle a victim of fat blindness.

Fat blindness is a condition where the fat rolls on the cheeks and forehead of an extremely overweight pig cover the eyes and creates what is the essentially a blindfold made up of their own body tissue. Pigs with fat blindness have little to no vision and their enormous size severely compromises their quality of life.

Since coming to live with us, Carlisle has lost enough weight to start to regain his mobility. We helped him shed 200 pounds in a very slow and controlled way by feeding him a diet that is balanced, healthy and appropriate for the pig he is. He still has about 100 pounds to go but for the first time in years he is active, making friends, and on his way to leading his best life.

We are so thrilled with the progress that Carlisle has made. He’s a happy and sweet pig who enjoys spending time with his best buddy, Abbott, and being spoiled with love by everyone who is fortunate enough to know him.