Meet Grayson

We are so excited to introduce you to our very special resident, Grayson. You may have noticed from pictures of this handsome boy that he stands on three legs with the fourth one permanently up. Here’s why.

Grayson, and his brother Gilbert, came to us two years ago from a place that claimed to be a rescue but was clearly not! While there, Grayson suffered a broken leg that was left to heal on its own without any medical attention. As a result, his leg got extremely infected causing him significant pain while the bones fused in an awkward position.  As soon as Grayson arrived at our Sanctuary we got him immediate vet care but, sadly, it was too late to correct the damage that had been done to his leg. On the bright side, however, after two months of antibiotics and pain meds, we were able to ensure that Grayson was pain-free and infection-free. We continue to monitor his fourth leg along with our amazing vet team, and as long as he is happy and pain free, we are leaving the leg alone.

Grayson is a happy, friendly and social goat who has learned to walk confidently on his three legs while still using his fourth leg for scratching purposes and for balance when running.