Merlin may be top pig* at the Sanctuary, for now, but life wasn’t always that way for him.

Before coming to live with us at Carroll’s, Merlin was living a sad and scary life at a terrible petting zoo. While there, he was forced to interact with people and do tricks. He was left unfixed, and his tusks were never properly tended to, so they were severely overgrown. In fact, Merlin was very sick and in rough shape when he arrived here with us.

Because Merlin can’t talk, we will never know all the details of what he had to endure at the petting zoo and exactly what went on there, but whatever it was left our Merlin with a very strong dislike of being touched and a fear of people in general.

Since arriving at the Sanctuary, and for the rest of his natural life, Merlin will never again be forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do. We give him as much space as he needs to feel secure and lots of room to roam around on his own. When we have people up to the property to volunteer, for tours or for events, Merlin is never forced to interact with anyone. He is living life on his own terms and enjoying his freedom and security, and nothing could make us happier.

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