Meet Cedric

But hold on to your heart because he’s been known to steal them from everyone he meets!

Cedric started life as a teacup pig. And by that we mean he was small, like most very young pigs, and he was misrepresented, like all mini pigs. (If you’re not familiar with the myth of the mini pig, you can read all about it in a previous newsletter article.)

When he was around 4-5 months old, his owners realized that he wasn’t going to stay small forever, and was growing at a rather fast rate, Clearly not suitable for living in an apartment in urban Montreal, Cedric was surrendered to the Montreal SPCA. We do a lot of work with the Montreal SPCA, so they called to see if we had space, and we were happy to be able to offer him a forever home with us at Carroll’s.

Cedric is now over 500 pounds. That’s 500 pounds of extremely friendly pig! Having been raised by people who did love him…just not his size…Cedric is a gentle giant with a great temperament who loves people, pigs, everyone!

Now almost two years old, Cedric still thinks he’s a bit of a lap pig and doesn’t understand his size or strength. He just wants to be friends with everyone – even pumpkins! Being such a sweetheart, pretty much everyone wants to be friends with him, too.