Meet Siggy and Helga!


Meet Siggy and Helga

These two beautiful Jacob sheep have been through a lot in their lives before they came to live at the Sanctuary in 2021. Siggy and Helga were part of a huge neglect situation that ended up in the courts but, luckily for them, they were both eventually rescued through the Montreal SPCA and sent to us to provide them with the care and attention they so deserve.

Social distancing before it became a “thing”

Because of their terrible situation prior to arriving at the Sanctuary, Siggy and Helga were not socialized and they were extremely afraid of humans when they arrived. Their behaviour towards people was similar to that of feral cats. They would run any time we tried to approach them. In fact, they were so scared that for the first week they wouldn’t even eat!

Whatcha got there?

Over the past year we have been working with them to get more comfortable with humans and it has really paid off! They are quite calm around us and they have even become comfortable with the volunteers – particularly the ones that offer them their favourite treats! Their “baaaaas” can be heard loud and clear when our grocery delivery volunteer arrives with the veggie order.  For a piece of melon they will be your new best friends!

Today, Siggy and Helga love to spend their days grazing and socializing with the other Sanctuary residents. They’ve come such a long way in their short time with us. We can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to in another year or two!

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