Meet Minerva!



Meet our resident Chatty Cathy – Minerva!

Our sweet, bubbly and always-ready-to-tell-you-a-story, Minerva, was surrendered to us by a farm when she was only 6 months old.

When she was just a baby, Minerva was stepped on and the resulting injury left her without the use of her back legs. As an injured pig, the farm where she was living no longer wanted her. But this is where Minerva’s luck changed. One of the workers on the farm decided to save our sweet girl by taking her home and working on her rehabilitation. After much hard work and dedication, Minerva regained her mobility and was brought to the Sanctuary to live out the rest of her natural life.

Minerva arrived at the Sanctuary fully mobile, but she was a very timid and scared little girl. In fact, she spent much of her first six months with us running away when anyone came close to her. But with lots of love and patience, we won her over!

Smart, friendly and always up for some stimulating conversation, Minerva is our most talkative pig with a vocal range that is both diverse and specific. She has many different sounds which we have come to learn can mean many different things like, “Good morning everyone!”, “Hey…isn’t it dinner time yet?” and “I think I’ll be sleeping alone tonight, thank you.” (This last one is loud and clear when another pig is in her bed and she doesn’t want them there.)

Today Minerva can be found exploring and doing pig things with her best friend, Cedric, or trying to con anyone in her path into giving her a belly rub. In fact, just this year she realized that tour days are the BEST days. With each tour comes a whole new group of people she can charm into rubbing that adorable belly of hers! There is never a shortage of people willing to oblige.




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