Meet Sabrina

Often, we have a few days’ notice and can plan for a rescue to arrive at the sanctuary, and sometimes, like in the case of Sabrina, the need is immediate and urgent.


Meet Sabrina

We are very proud of our cat rescue and all the amazing cats we have been able to help over the years. And, while each and every one of them touches our hearts in their own special way, there are always those that grab the collective hearts and love of all of you. One of those cats is Sabrina.

Often, we have a few days’ notice and can plan for a rescue to arrive at the sanctuary, and sometimes, like in the case of Sabrina, the need is immediate and urgent.

On October 7, Sabrina, a stray, arrived at the Sanctuary in extreme pain. Having likely caught her tail in a door, half of her tail was dead, the other half was badly infected and had no skin. Along with this horrific injury, Sabrina was also painfully thin and riddled with fleas, and yet she was still incredibly friendly and affectionate. Upon her arrival, we immediately contacted our vet to consult on pain meds to help Sabrina feel more comfortable – we always keep a supply on hand at the Sanctuary for emergencies. We also provided her with subQ fluids to stabilize her and started flea medication. Sabrina spent her first night curled up in our arms purring away and clearly happy to be safe.

The next day Sabrina was taken to the vet and was immediately given antibiotics and received a full evaluation. The plan discussed with her vet included amputation for the remainder of her badly damaged tail. It was decided that the surgery would take place in the following weeks so Sabrina would have time to regain some strength, properly hydrate and start to recover from the anemia caused by the fleas. So, on October 12, Sabrina was released from the vet and brought back home to us where we did everything we could to build her strength and keep her comfortable while we awaited her tail amputation surgery. Meanwhile… our amazing vets consulted with a team of specialists to determine the best course of action for Sabrina. Hers was a difficult case due to the lack of skin and a fracture that was found high up on her tail. It was decided that it would be best to delay the amputation with the hopes that some of the skin would grow back and allow the vets to properly close the surgery site after the amputation.

Fast forward FIVE MONTHS…and many, many trips to the vet later, the skin on Sabrina’s tail had grown back a miraculous 7cm! Finally, on March 15, Sabrina had her tail amputation surgery, and the operation was a complete success. She had part of her tail amputated, and the surgery site was able to be closed 100%. Throughout this entire ordeal, Sabrina continued to amaze us with her affection, high spirits and determination to survive.

After her 10-day post-op healing, we had only one thing left to do for our beautiful Sabrina and that was to find her a forever home.

We were beyond thrilled that on April 20, 2022, Sabrina went to live in a safe, warm and loving home where she will continue to be cared for as all animals deserve to be.

Sabrina’s happy ending could not have been possible without the incredible donations we get from our amazing supporters. Your love is what allows us to focus our time and energy on ensuring that our cat rescue and adoption continues to provide food, shelter and medical care to homeless, injured and sick cats so they can heal before making their way into the hearts of their forever families.

We would be so grateful, if you would consider a donation to our cat rescue and adoption. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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