Meet Wilbur

Wilbur was the first pig to call Carroll’s Animal Sanctuary and Rescue home.


Wilber came to us in 2015 when he was only nine months old*. His start in life was hard. Used for breeding, Wilbur was extremely neglected, unvaccinated and often covered in his own waste. After coming to live with us, he received his full course of vaccinations, proper bedding and lots of good, healthy food! Now, Wilbur lives the good life! He is still very shy around new people but once he gets to know you, he’s a regular love bug who will never say no to handfed treats, especially if you are offering his favourite cantaloup or pumpkin.

When he’s not exploring and doing pig things, Wilbur can often be found in the company of his best friend, and pot belly pig, Arnold, or in the company of his herd. Wilbur is a very social pig who loves to be out and about with his pig friends, but he’s equally happy to curl up on a pile of soft, cozy blankets and call it a day.

*Wilbur arrived at the Sanctuary with his brother, Oliver, who has since passed away.

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