We receive many calls about animals needing homes. But where do our animals come from?

We get asked the question all the time, and some of our animals do come from loving homes where their ex-humans were just no longer able to care for them, but 9 times out of 10 our animals are unwanted and looking for a safe home. Most of our animals come from high-kill shelters, shelters, private surrenders, or animal control.

Many of the cats in our adoption program are found as strays, dumped at other peoples houses/farms or born and needing homes because of the lack of spaying and neutering. People from all over Grey/Bruce call us when they find cats/kittens and are not able to keep them. When we adopt out animals to loving homes it creates another space for us to take in community cats needing a good home.

Farm animals often find themselves homeless when they continue to grow, and people think they will be small and cute forever. Our rescue pigs are a great example of that! Many people believe their small potbelly pigs will remain small, or will make a great house pet. But often times they get bored, root and they always GROW!! Pot Bellies typically grow between 100-250lbs and continue growing until they are 5 years old. They then find themselves in need of a home!

More often then not, our animals come from unsafe situations and need to be rehomed asap. Whether its because the animal is “aggressive”, “too senior”, “we moved”, “will be fed to our dogs”, “was dumped on our property” etc animals find themselves looking for a safe place to go. When/if we have space at the sanctuary we try to help as many animals as possible.

We work with other sanctuaries, shelters and rescue groups to help place animals into safe places. Often times when an animal will need a new home rescue groups will share the animals info in hopes that another sanctuary/rescue can take it in. Together we are able to find loving homes for so many animals. Many of our residents wouldn’t be here without collaboration from those in rescue.

Here are three different examples of where our sanctuary residents come from:

Chase: Chase came to us through One Last Chance Rescue, a rescue group that alters rescues of animals set to be euthanized. Chase was surrendered to a high kill shelter because his ex-humans had a “change in living situation and sudden asthma”. Chase was set to be euthanized, and at 11 years old, blind and unwanted by his family we couldn’t let his life end like that. He arrived at the sanctuary and is a wonderful fit with our family! He is extremely loving, kind and gentle.

Norman: Norman came to us after he was rescued after his ex-human abandoned him. He was severely neglected, unwanted and abused. He is now loved, and has other pig friends to spend his time with.

Lemon and Lime: Lemon and Lime came to us from an owner surrender. They were extremely loved and well cared for, their ex-humans were unable to keep them after a bi-law officer told them they were not properly zoned. Lemon and Limes ex-humans sponsor and still visit these two lovely goats.

Nabita: Nabita came to our sanctuary when her owners were no longer able to care for her. She was extremely aggressive and no one else was able to take her. She needed a safe place to go where she would receive the rehabilitation she needed to start to trust humans again. We now work with her daily, and she is getting so much better. She is learning to trust and love humans again.